Artificial ‘Living’ Walls, Hedges and Topiary

The artificial hedges and ‘living’ walls that we provide are natural looking, virtually no maintenance and great on space! They maintain a vibrant, rich look all year round, and they’re bound to impress, so they are the perfect way to decorate an otherwise boring and tired looking garden, office area or business premises. Much better than staring at a crumbling brick wall, huh?

Our beautiful and leafy walls are particularly fantastic because they take up hardly any space! If you have a very small garden, then why not transform part of it into a ‘living’ wall?! Handcrafted with the best quality materials, your newly transformed wall will be resilient in all weather conditions and provide a green haven for you to enjoy in an otherwise dull area.

Similarly, our handcrafted and expertly installed artificial hedges are a brilliant way to introduce more privacy to your home without having to use fences with ugly concrete fence posts!

Another great way to introduce greenery into your garden, without the fuss, is our topiary! You can choose from a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours, so your bespoke garden will be looking tirelessly maintained and manicured all year round!

Still want more quirky and unique ways to liven up your garden or business? Take a look at our Bespoke Furniture for more inspiration! Alternatively, check out our gallery or feel free to contact us for more information.