Artificial Grass Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is there a warranty on the product?

A: Yes, our grass comes with huge a 10-year warranty! See our terms and conditions for more information.

Q: What if I accidentally damage my lawn?

A: It’s very rare for artificial lawns to damage, they’re made of tough stuff! Damage to a lawn is most likely to occur when people are careless with cigarettes or barbecues and a part of the grass melts. Additionally, avoid placing mirrors or mirrored walls next to your artificial grass. Damage caused by any of these things will void your warranty. Unlike natural grass it will not grow back so the best thing to do is to replace the affected area with a new piece of grass. Contact us for help with this.

Artificial Grass

Q: Can you use artificial grass as a driveway?

A: It’s not recommended to park heavy vehicles on an artificial grass lawn. Driving back and forth on the synthetic fibres is likely to leave impressions, permanently squashing and changing the direction of the pile. Rubber tyres under the weight of a vehicle are can pull and rip the grass fibres out of the lawn causing damage.

However, our artificial grass can be a great compliment to a paved driveway.

Q: What is artificial grass made of?

A: Gorilla Grass is made of durable plastic polymers polyethylene and polypropylene. Our grasses are made of either or a combination of these materials depending on the type of lawn you are interested in as each plastic has its own specific properties which make it right for a certain look.

These are lightweight plastics that are extremely resistant to damage, which is why our lawns come with a warranty of at least 10 years. See our products page for more details.

Q: Are artificial lawns fireproof?

A: Artificial grass is made of plastic and will melt under extreme heat.

If you have decking or patio we recommend using your barbecue on these areas rather than on your Gorilla Grass.

It is possible to use gas barbecues on your lawn as long as the heat is sufficiently above the grass. Avoid using charcoal barbecues with direct contact to the grass. This reduces the risk of melting from the base as well as from flyaway embers.

Try not to use bonfires or fireworks near to your Gorilla Grass. It is after all made of plastic and will melt.

Similarly, cigarettes left carelessly on the grass will melt the local area. Make sure you have an ashtray preferably with a bottom that will not transfer heat. Alternatively, do not smoke in the garden.

Q: Can artificial grass be installed indoors?

A: Of course! Gorilla Grass can be used indoors and there are a number of examples for doing so. Businesses often use artificial grass as carpet, perfect for creating a welcome and relaxing environment at events or for sprucing up an office or break area.

Indoor Putting Greens

Try something different! our increasingly popular bespoke putting greens are a perfect way to introduce Gorilla Grass indoors! Indoor or outdoor, having a personal putting green to use at your home is a great way to hone your skill!

Q: Is artificial grass affected by cold or wet weather?

A: Artificial grass can cope with general cold and wet weather that’s often in the UK! It will stay green no matter what the temperature, all the way through until spring. If it is particularly rainy, artificial lawns can drain water better than a natural lawn due to the pre-punched backing under the weed barrier.

If there is light snow then we recommend you let it melt naturally, or clear it by hand. Although Gorilla Grass is made of tough stuff, it might not be a good idea to take a hard shovel to it.

If you know there is going to be heavy snow in the future, you could put down a waterproof tarpaulin to protect your lawn as a preventative measure. Try not to use salt on icy patches as this can affect draining. Otherwise, just let it melt naturally.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Q: Do I need to maintain my new lawn?

A: A key advantage of our artificial grass is that it is very low maintenance. It is important, though, to follow the simple maintenance steps highlighted on our maintenance page to keep your warranty valid.
We recommend you try and keep debris and leaves off the synthetic surface, simply brush or blow these off at least once a month to prevent organic build up. If you can give the grass a brush once a month with a stiff bristle brush, this is also good for maintaining vertical grass position.
If you have pets remember to clean up any animal mess as soon as possible. You can buy our recommended Pee Away product to help with this. Avoid using high strength cleaning liquids such as bleach.

Q: Can I hoover artificial grass?

A: Yes, if you’d like to collect up excess leaves or plant litter. We recommend choosing a dry day to do this.

You can also get the same results using a stiff brush to sweep up any plant matter.

Some of this material makes good habitat fodder for wildlife, so if you have an area of natural grass or earth in your garden then you might like to distribute this here so that it can be recycled by animals.

Dogs & Pets

Q: Is artificial grass good for dogs?

A: Soft, dense and luxurious, Gorilla Grass is completely safe and suitable for your beloved dogs!

Very often built-up areas do not get a lot of sunlight, due to being overshadowed by buildings or large trees. This can result in cold, hard ground, completely devoid of grass.

Artificial grass can provide a much more suitable surface for dogs to play on. When laid on top of concrete or hard surfaces, artificial grass completely transforms their use, making them safe and inviting for dogs to play on.

Gorilla Grass is durable but soft, UV stabilised against fading, has no discolouration from dog mess and is very easy to clean. It’s hygienic, non-toxic and safe!

Q: How do you clean an artificial lawn used by pets?

A: Artificial grass is life-changing for pets and their owners. Providing a garden that can be used all year round, without any muddy messes to deal with, and it’s super easy to clean Gorilla Grass from any pet mess!

How to clean up after your pets

Artificial grass is easy to clean, here’s our advice to keep your artificial lawn fresh:

Pet urine will drain through the backing holes in the artificial grass. However, to keep the area sanitary for the whole family, we recommend washing the area with warm soapy water or a disinfectant solution when you can. Rain will naturally help liquids pass through your lawn, so in dry, hot weather it is worth rinsing your lawn to help this process.

The dense blades of our grass mean that pet mess stays on top of the grass. We recommend picking mess up as soon as possible. It’s important not to let mess build up, as this could affect the drainage of your lawn. As with urine, the area can be washed and brushed with soapy water or disinfectant.


Q: Can I have artificial grass and still have wildlife in my garden?

A: How will Trulawn affect wildlife habitats?

Gorilla Grass makes every effort to preserve the natural habitats of insects and wildlife. We recommend installing grass around existing bushes and trees to prevent them from being removed. We recommend that you preserve your flower boarders, and we can also install wooden sleepers which you can fill with soil so you can grow new flower boarders, veg patches or herb gardens.

What about birds – they will have no food?

We encourage placing a bird table and hanging bird feeders in your garden as a good way to provide food for birds. Many birds prefer a place to perch when they eat versus a low, open space where they are vulnerable to predators anyway.

What about worms – they will have nowhere to go?

Worms are generally happier underground where the soil is moist! They breathe through their skin and eat dirt, so prefer being in the deep dark of the ground.
A small worm can travel as much as 27 feet in an hour, 6 feet underground.

What about hedgehogs?

We suggest leaving a gap the size of a CD case or ‘hedgehog highway’ in your fence so that hedgehogs can pass through your garden and into other areas. The average roaming distance of a hedgehog is over 2km in a single night!

Dead logs and leaves can provide a welcome habitat for hedgehogs, so why not leave these in border or planting areas to provide shelter and wildlife with Artificial Grass.

Supplementary food like wet cat or dog food can also be placed in the garden. Most importantly during hot weather, it is recommended to leave out a shallow dish of fresh water for hedgehogs to drink from.

Q: Is artificial grass harmful to the environment?

A: The use of artificial grass reduces the use of pesticides and fertilisers. Many of which can be harmful when ingested by animals and detrimental to plant life, your lawn and the surrounding area.

Artificial grass can also improve ground drainage in areas of poor quality soil. Therefore, it can help to prevent water-logging and run off, both of which can be harmful to animals and their habitats.

Artificial grass is made of plastic. We do however, use child and pet safe plastics polyethylene and polypropylene.

The rest of the installation involves mostly natural materials:

• A thin, porous sub-base which acts as a layer to prevent transference into the soil.

• Limestone and sand are used for the draining base.

• The lawn is typically edged and secured with a timber frame.

Q: How does artificial grass save water?

A: Artificial grass saves water in an extremely effective way and reduces the cost of your water bill. For a commercial property point of view, the cost savings can be an attractive incentive.

As artificial lawns do not require the watering and maintenance that real lawns do, there is no need to waste water using sprinklers or hoses.

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