Mountain Artificial Grass for Cardiff

Consider Mountain Pile to decorate and improve your home surroundings and property!

Are you on the lookout of a maintenance-free way to beautify your home? If yes, your search ends with Mountain Pile.

Mountain Pile’s 38MM artificial grass is available in two styles; polyurethane, ideal for pets and latex-backed, meant for general use. The grass is hard-wearing and is of premium quality. It features clever memory. Thick at the base yarn, it bounces back immediately. The pile is deep 4 shaded and is available in light green or natural dark.

Our friendly and talented in-house teams of professionals will take care of everything for you. We will deliver the perfect luxury artificial lawn to you in Cardiff.

Why install an artificial lawn?

Artificial lawns afford you the comfort and beauty a homeowner craves in a home. And you get it without the hazards of watering and maintaining it at regular intervals. This means that you don’t have to spend time on your weekends taking care of the grass. You are free to enjoy the time in the company of your loved ones.

The following are some of the great things an artificial lawn has in store for you:

  1. See reductions in your utility bill
    Natural grass requires you to water it every morning and evening. This is never a concern if you choose artificial grass. Thus you minimize your water bill. The only time a fake lawn needs water is when cleaning the same. And this is a process that you only need to do occasionally.
  2. Best for children
    An artificial lawn does not require fertilization. Thus it is safe from chemicals or other harmful substances. Quite naturally, they are safe for children. If you decide to use Mountain Pile 38MM grass, you can relax. The grass is fully reclaimable and it is hyper allergic and child-friendly. This is the reason why artificial lawns are preferred for public places to other natural options.
  3. Artificial grass is free from diseases
    Natural grass is prone to diseases of all kinds. Its health often depends on the weather and the attention it receives. The food you give and the type of water used will have a final say in this regard. This alone makes it difficult for people to take care of it. Its artificial variant relieves you from this trouble. You don’t have to spend time monitoring the health of your lawn.
  4. You don’t have to fear weeds and pests
    The market abounds with products designed to prevent pests or weeds from eating off from lawns. This issue is one among the many serious concerns artificial grass addresses.

The foundation of artificial grass is weed and pest-proof. Natural grass, on the other hand, provides the foundation for them to thrive along with healthy grass. Natural lawn also invites pests. These invite larger kinds of pests such as snakes, raccoons; the list is endless. The artificial turf does not offer a healthy environment for them to grow. And you are relieved of another stress; pest control.

Why Mountain Pile?

Mountain Pile 38MM artificial grass fits well with any area you choose. It is great for schools, playgrounds and grounds for dog exercises. As you know, these are areas that endure the most hammering both from children, adults and your pets. You can also use this along with Gorilla Grass in-fill. This is the only alternative available for silica. You will need it to protect your lawn from bad odor and bacteria due to urine and other harmful substances.

Things To Do In Cardiff

Cardiff, the home of the proud people that are the Welsh. So proud are the Welsh of themselves and everything that’s theirs, that they decided to make it a capital city. This in fact, is the one of the youngest capital cities that Europe has, only being made one in 1955. The circumstances behind it though, are what matter.

Cardiff was once a sleepy town, nestled out in the idyllic countryside that is beautiful Wales, and the Bristol Channel. But as the story goes, fortunes do indeed change. The change for Cardiff came during the Industrial Revolution. As a port city, coal was needed to drive the mushrooming industries. What better place to export coal through than Cardiff?

And yes, it has been a fairy tale that hasn’t been devoid of its up and downs, but the ride into the sunset has been steady ever since. But what’s really interesting about Cardiff?

The Architecture.

The architecture of Cardiff is an apt description of the rich tapestry that is the history of the land, and indeed, the people of Wales. The connection to France and the Vikings is quite clear with what the Normans left behind. These are very well illustrated in the various castles that dot the landscape of Cardiff.

Inside the city of Cardiff, you will come across three castles that have defied time, and continue to do so. And this is just the beginning. If you’d like to see more of this side of Wales, then all you need to do is visit Glamorgan.

As an integral part of the United Kingdom, it is evident that any styles that developed over the years in the land would leave a mark on Cardiff, and that’s exactly what the Victorian Era did. The rise of Victorian style houses meant not even Cardiff would be spared from it.

There are a variety of original Victorian Era houses that were built in that style, and they intermingle perfectly with earlier styles. These styles provide a nice contrast to the modern architecture that has grown out from the land to then scratch the sky.

In this wonderful landscape, you will be met by various castles that dot the land, and their individual and collective histories make for quite the visit to this beautiful land. But that’s not all that Cardiff has to offer.

Bilingual People.

It’s not uncommon to have languages disappear when nations evolve, or are absorbed into the culture of a larger union. Etruscan was a widely used language around the Italian Peninsula, but today it is virtually dead as there are no native speakers left. Latin evolved into man forms such as French and Spanish among others. It would have been normal to assume that the Welsh language would follow that route.

But no, that wasn’t going to happen, not when you have people as proud, and ferociously defensive of their customs as the Welsh are. Even though they are a part of a larger kingdom dominated by the English, they refused to let their language die.

As such, it’s not uncommon to come across street signs and other insignia in Welsh, or even come across the Welsh speakers in full splendour of their language.


The famous tenacious spirit of the Welsh is not just left to defending their heritage and their language. It has translated very well into the various sports that the Welsh take part in. This is absolutely evident whenever the Welsh rugby team come out to play.

This tenacity has earned the Wels rugby team plaudits, and a reputation for being a very tough team to beat. This is especially true for matches that are held at the Principality Stadium.

The stadium itself is a marvel of engineering. Currently, it is the second largest stadium in the world to have a sliding roof. A behemoth is hauled across the sky whenever the weather is not entirely hospitable, and this makes for quite interesting matches.