Mountain Pile 38MM Artificial Grass for Swansea

Consider Mountain Pile to decorate and improve your home surroundings and property!

Are you on the lookout of a maintenance-free way to beautify your home? If yes, your search ends with Mountain Pile.

Mountain Pile’s 38MM artificial grass is available in two styles; polyurethane, ideal for pets and latex-backed, meant for general use. The grass is hard-wearing and is of premium quality. It features clever memory. Thick at the base yarn, it bounces back immediately. The pile is deep 4 shaded and is available in light green or natural dark.

Our friendly and talented in-house teams of professionals will take care of everything for you. We will deliver the perfect luxury artificial lawn to you in Swansea.

Why install an artificial lawn?

Artificial lawns afford you the comfort and beauty a homeowner craves in a home. And you get it without the hazards of watering and maintaining it at regular intervals. This means that you don’t have to spend time on your weekends taking care of the grass. You are free to enjoy the time in the company of your loved ones.

The following are some of the great things an artificial lawn has in store for you:

1. See reductions in your utility bill

Natural grass requires you to water it every morning and evening. This is never a concern if you choose artificial grass. Thus you minimize your water bill. The only time a fake lawn needs water is when cleaning the same. And this is a process that you only need to do occasionally.

2. Best for children

An artificial lawn does not require fertilization. Thus it is safe from chemicals or other harmful substances. Quite naturally, they are safe for children. If you decide to use Mountain Pile 38MM grass, you can relax. The grass is fully reclaimable and it is hyper allergic and child-friendly. This is the reason why artificial lawns are preferred for public places to other natural options.

3. Artificial grass is free from diseases

Natural grass is prone to diseases of all kinds. Its health often depends on the weather and the attention it receives. The food you give and the type of water used will have a final say in this regard. This alone makes it difficult for people to take care of it. Its artificial variant relieves you from this trouble. You don’t have to spend time monitoring the health of your lawn.

4. You don’t have to fear weeds and pests

The market abounds with products designed to prevent pests or weeds from eating off from lawns. This issue is one among the many serious concerns artificial grass addresses.

The foundation of artificial grass is weed and pest-proof. Natural grass, on the other hand, provides the foundation for them to thrive along with healthy grass. Natural lawn also invites pests. These invite larger kinds of pests such as snakes, raccoons; the list is endless. The artificial turf does not offer a healthy environment for them to grow. And you are relieved of another stress; pest control.

Why Mountain Pile?

Mountain Pile 38MM artificial grass fits well with any area you choose. It is great for schools, playgrounds and grounds for dog exercises. As you know, these are areas that endure the most hammering both from children, adults and your pets. You can also use this along with Gorilla Grass in-fill. This is the only alternative available for silica. You will need it to protect your lawn from bad odor and bacteria due to urine and other harmful substances.

Things to do in Swansea

Given below are some facts about Swansea that you may never have known:
• Swansea was declared the most beautiful area in the year 1956. And it is one among five such places in Wales.
• The city is the cleanest place in Wales. And it is the second cleanest in the entire UK.
• MET declared Swansea to be the wettest place in the UK in 2004.

Given below are a few attractions you should never miss in the city:

1. The Gower Peninsula

Tourists across the globe hail the place for its stunning beauty. The Mumbles, a magnificent piece of limestone with its outstanding beauty guards the peninsula.

This is a nature reserve. There are no means of transportation available here; you have to explore it on foot. The place abounds in beaches and is a paradise for surfers. Adventurists love the area.

2. The birthplace of Dylan Thomas

Visit the renowned Welsh poet’s renovated home. The place lets you travel back in time and enjoy Edwardian tea party or dinner. Soak up in the poet’s life and have a look in his study. If you come in a group, you may also spend a night in one of his well-restored bedrooms. Your guide may even take you to other places. And you will feel that you are seeing everything through the eyes of the famed writer. They even let you hire actors to give life to his stories.

3. The National Waterfront Museum

The place is part of the National Museum of Wales. And it gives you a glimpse into the maritime activities of the remote past. Explore the network of canals. It plays a vital role in the industrial growth of the city. Get to know the docks of Wales. Their role in maritime trade was well-known during the time.

4. The Plantasia

The place is a famed public hothouse built in 1990. It features two important zones of temperature; arid and tropical. Learn about the flora and fauna. Your encounter with its inmates like geckos, chameleons and parrots are sure to live with you for a life time. Have the time of your life here. Just a few seconds away from the city center, this is definitely a place worth visiting.

The historic Norwegian Church too is a landmark no history enthusiast can ever miss. It has an interesting story of restoration, renovation and reallocation. And the stories of Norwegian sailors are sure to enthrall you.

Try Mountain Pile 38MM Premium Grass and explore the city. We are confident; you will cherish your experience all your life. Every penny you spend for our artificial lawn will reward you with a stress-free enjoyment wherever you decide to plant it.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. How do you make artificial grass?

Artificial grass is a combination of polypropylene and polyethylene. This is then converted into synthetic fibers. These fibers are designed in such a way as to appear natural. At this, we add granules of rubber and silica. This, we do, to protect the lawn from bacteria and other germs.

2. Are there different types of artificial grass?

Yes, purpose defines the type of fake grass you should choose. There are grasses designed specifically for commercial use. Some are meant exclusively for residential lawns.

3. How much artificial lawn from Mountain Pile will cost?

We care for you and offer packages for varying budgets. Determine your requirements, evaluate your budget and choose one accordingly.

4. Which fake lawn is best for pets?

Almost all of our products are designed for maximum durability. And they are ideal for exercise grounds for dogs.

5. Can I let children play on Mountain Pile fake lawn?

Almost all of our products are designed for maximum durability. And they are ideal for exercise grounds for dogs.

6. Should I maintain my artificial lawn?

The types of fake lawns we offer are almost maintenance-free. You only have to clean your grass at regular intervals. We recommend using warm water along with soap for the purpose.

7. How to reach Swansea?

Swansea is just three hours from London. And you can reach here either by car or public transport.

8. What are the available means of transportation in Swansea?

Public transportation in Swansea is highly advanced. It connects all parts of the city and offers easy access to other parts of the country. You can also hire private taxies for the purpose.

Try Mountain Pile 38MM artificial grass once. You will then realize that you have made the correct decision!