UV Warranty

Gorilla Grass is proud to source all of its raw materials from selected European and Far Eastern suppliers, all of whom ensure the best quality standards in the world. The entire range of products supplied and installed by Gorilla Grass are supplied under a universal UV warranty. This standard establishes that goods sold will sustain their UV stability, under normal outside climate conditions, during the warranty period.
Gorilla Grass products continue to successfully perform well in high levels of UV exposure during the summer months. However, the UV warranty period may differ from product to product, with the consideration of, among other factors, the geographical location of the artificial grass turf installation site where the intensity of UV exposure levels may be considerably higher than, for example, a northern European climate.
As a general guidance, the UV warranty period for geographical locations are normally classified as follows:
– Northern Europe (north of Italy and Spain) UV warranty period is 10 years
– Southern Europe (including Spain, Italy, and any European country south of these countries)
UV warranty period is 9 years
– Middle East, non-temperate, sub-tropical and tropical climate UV warranty period is 6 years

The universal UV warranty period, however, does not in any way indicate that the product will be damaged and discoloured by UV rays immediately after this period. It denotes that the human eye will notice no significant change in colour of the product when it is compared to that of the same product, of the same age, that has been kept away from UV exposure during the warranty period. The warranty period is not reflective of the potential full UV protection of the product’s lifespan, which is typically recognised to be on average ten to 15 years of normal use in a temperate climate.