Mountain Artificial Grass for Bridgend

No more rough, unkept grass in your lawns!

Artificial lawns have come a long way and are a current hot trend not only with sports complexes, luxury hotels but also our very own homes. Used for landscaping, decor, and to get a hassle-free experience, some of the benefits of using artificial lawns include the following:

  • Get that smooth, decorative and five star look: Using artificial grass gives you a smooth and finished look to your lawns. Make your front lawns look beautiful and perfectly tendered by using hard wired, thick and curvy grass.


  • Hassle – free and minimum maintenance required: Since this grass does not require regular watering, cleaning and brushing; can grow back on its own and is a smoothened version of normal bushy grass, it is quite a simple task to occasionally clean this grass. This can be done in no time and with minimum effort.


  • Less time and money required: Using water to occasionally clean these lawns will allow you more free time to do and also cost less. Not only do you reduce your water utility bills but also get more time off to do something else.


  • Safe, chemical and disease free grass: With most people have children or pets at home, using a chemical free, reclaimable, anti-allergic, child and pet friendly grass is a dream come true. This also means you don’t have to spend time monitoring the health of your lawns at all times, since unlike natural grass this artificial grass is not dependent on weather, fertilizers etc. Such grass is also free from pests and weeds which makes it a convenient choice. In fact, it is because of such reasons that public places also prefer to get artificial versions instead of growing natural grass.

So, if you are looking for some easy to maintain, smooth and pet friendly grass in your lawns – look no further – because Mountain Pile’s 38 mm premium quality grass is here to not just decorate your homes, but also get you all the above mentioned benefits.   

Available in two options – polyurethane, (which is ideal for pets) and latex-backed, (which is meant for general use), this grass has some unique features including an intelligent memory which helps the grass bounce back in no time. It also has a thick base yarn and comes in shades of green; both light green and natural. Not only is this grass great for general use at schools, sports complexes, playgrounds, and parks, its polyurethane option is a pet friendly option which protects your lawns from bad odor and bacteria from urine. This is possible because this grass can be used in combination with Gorilla grass – infill the only real alternative to silica sand.


Further, installation of such Mountain Pile grass is done by a team of experts who are readily available at suitable costs to help you get turfs with precision for gardens, patios and special events. We do make sure that our flexible budgets and customized packages will help you get you the right product within your range.

To help you further understand why our Mountain Pile grass is a better choice today, below is a list of some frequently asked questions for you. Read through them to know why you need us:

  • How is Mountain Pile artificial grass made?

Mountain Pile artificial grass is made with a combination of polypropylene and polyethylene, which are converted into synthetic fibers. These natural appearing fibers are then added with rubber and silica granules in order to protect them from bacteria /germs.

  • How many different types of Mountain Pile grass are available in the market?

We have grass for all your needs. Artificial grass is available both for commercial projects such as golf course, sports complexes, stadiums, hotels etc. and for residential areas / home lawns, events etc.

  • How much will Mountain Pile grass cost?

We have packages to suit your needs and budgets accordingly.

  • Is Mountain Pile grass suitable for pets?

Our polyurethane option is a great option for pets. Designed for maximum durability, these are ideal exercise grounds for dogs. Our silica based turfs prevent bad odor and bacteria from urine as well.

  • Is this grass child friendly?

Let your children play in our lawns without any tension, since we provide safe, hypoallergenic, chemical free turfs.

  • What maintenance routine should be followed to keep these lawns clean?

Since our lawns are chemical free,  prevent pests and weeds and are hypoallergenic, our lawns are low maintenance and require you to only clean them occasionally with warm water and simple soap only.

So what are you waiting for? Call us today for your order of Mountain grass!

About Bridgend – A town in Wales, UK

Bridgend – means “the end of the bridge on the Ogmore”. It is a small town in Wales, and lies 32 km from west of Cardiff towards east of Swansea. The town got its name from the River Ogmore which is crossed by the original bridge.

Bridgend has grown extensively since the 1980’s and has a population of about 139,200. Today with all the commercialization and development seen in this town, Bridgend is home to several attractions and houses several parks, places of nature, castles, cultural gullies, nightlife areas and entertainment zones for people to enjoy.

Months to visit

May- July and then Sept – Nov are popular months to visit Bridgend.

Weather in Bridgend

Summers are usually comfortable, while winters are very long, extremely cold, wet, and windy. In fact, it remains cloudy partly the year round. Usually temperatures vary from 38°F to 67°F and are rarely below 29°F or above 75°F. So don’t forget to carry the right set of clothes the next time you plan a trip to Bridgend, depending on the time of the year

How to reach Bridgend

By plane the Cardiff Airport is approx. 25 km to the south east of the town, the town also has one major station, and by bus or car, Bridgend can be best reached via Junctions 35 and 36 which lies of the M4 motorway and runs from London towards  Carmarthenshire.

Some popular tourist destinations include:

Bridgend is house to all kinds of tourist destinations and has something in store for all, whether it is history or nature that you are interested to explore or nightlife you want to enjoy, Bridgend is the place for you. Some interesting places include:

  • Ogmore castle
  • Merthyr Marw Sand dunes
  • Kenfig National Nature reserve
  • Glamorgan Heritage coastline
  • St. John’s House trust and
  • The Bang On Brewery

Major shopping areas in Bridgend:

Bridgend has some famous shopping centers such as the Rhiw and the Bridgend market. Some other popular shopping streets include Adare, Nolton, Caroline along with Darwin Road and the Dun raven place. Apart from this the Brackla street Centre and Asda store are also very popular and are a part of Cheapside

Some interesting facts about Bridgend:

  • During the Second World War, there was German ‘Great Escape’ from Bridgend’s Island Farm POW camp
  • The movie “Lawrence of Arabia” was filmed at the Merthyr Mawr sand dunes
  • Bridgend is house to many famous celebrities including Actress, writer and MBE Ruth Jones, Newsreader Huw Edwards, and William Morgan, inventor of the X-ray process, were also born here. The heavy metal band “Bullet for My Valentine” is also from Bridgend.

Plant and animal life

The unique combination of physical conditions and centuries of human activity in Wales makes it a land of grasslands, which vary from mountain grass to lowland pastures. Planted woodlands are also very common, and include mixed parklands, and boundary woods. Bridgend is also shelter to rarely found or almost extinct species of mammals and birds including European polecats and pine martens, red kites, and choughs. Seabirds and shorebirds occur in large numbers, and bottle nose dolphins inhabit the Cardigan Bay.

So the next time you plan to visit UK, don’t forget to go to Bridgend!