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Isn't it about time you threw your lawn mower away ?

Artificial Grass

Home & Garden

Gorilla Grass is prefect for residential use. With only a little maintenance your garden will look stunning all year round.

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Gorilla Grass is ideal for recreating grass environments both inside and out. The possibilities are endless.

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Schools & Playgrounds

Artificial grass is child-friendly. Gorilla Grass is suitable for all ages and provides a safe and fun environment

We have been transforming lawns with high quality grass Products in South Wales and the West and the demand is ever increasing. We have a great reputation and pride ourselves on great service. We have a fantastic range of grass which is suitable for old lawns to tired patios, balconies, terraces or city gardens.

With no mud or mess so you can enjoy the outdoors without the chores we provide the grass with or without installation. The artificial grass is developing all the time so we will adapt our range from time to time and will offer competitive prices when available. For more information please call or contact us.


There is no place that gorilla grass can’t be installed including schools and large commercial areas, gardens balconies To request a free quote click here, a member of the team will be happy to put you in touch with an approved installer.

Why choose Gorilla Grass!

Gorilla Grass is the residential provider of an artificial grass manufacturer with over many years experience in the supply of products of the very highest quality to the landscape industry .

Artificial Grass has evolved. 

We are proud of the quality of the artificial grass products we supply and strongly believe they are the best against the products on offer from many of our competitors. There are plenty of reasons for this

Gorilla Grass

1. Latex backing The backing of artificial grass is a vitally important structural element, playing its part in ensuring the product’s quality and durability.

2. Stitch Quality & Rates A unique and innovative pile anchorage system known as c shape is used on artificial grass products here at gorilla grass for a closer stitch rate that offers improved structural stability.

3. Materials used in the production process  There are three main materials used in the production of artificial grass:

  - Polypropylene is the least expensive of the three groups of materials used and is highly effective for sports products but proves too coarse for use as domestic grass.

  - Polyethylene can be used to balance out the coarseness of polypropylene as it creates softer grass due to being a more expensive material, however isn’t suited to being used alone.

  - Polyamide (nylon) is the most expensive material available for the production of artificial grass and as a result produces a strong and resilient grass fibre.

What are customers say..

Very happy with my installation, Transformed my garden into a place of beauty. I would recommend Grollia Grass to anyone.

Paul Sparey - South Wales

Being that little bit older, I'm not able to cut the grass anymore. My solution was Gorilla Grass. Thanks I can now enjoy my garden once again.

Chris King - Bristol

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